Accounting and Finance – Online Certificate and Degree Programs

Accredited online schools and colleges are available to provide certificate and degree training options for students looking to enter the field of accounting and finance.
Training is available at the certificate level of training as well as the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degree level. Students can choose to gain an accredited education in a number of areas from the comfort of their own home. With an accredited online educational learning program students can begin the path to a variety of exciting new careers.

Accounting Technology
Pursuing an education in accounting technology will allow students to obtain an accredited associate level degree. Training will require students to complete two years of study. Coursework will vary by program and desired career but may consist of courses such as managerial accounting, technical communication, accounting information systems, recordkeeping, database systems, and much more. With an accredited associate degree in this area of the field students can pursue careers as accounts payable clerks, financial clerks, bookkeepers, and many other professions. Students can gain the education they need to enter into this field by completing an online program.
Training for a career in bookkeeping can be done by enrolling in an accredited online school or college. Students can pursue a certificate or associate degree in this area of the field. Students can gain their desired level of education by completing one to two years of study. Studies will vary by program but may include coursework like accounting, business taxation, computers, financial management, QuickBooks, and many other related courses. With training in these skill areas students can enter into careers working for a number of businesses and professionals. Students can begin the path to a bookkeeping career by enrolling in an online learning program.
Corporate Finance
Accredited associate, bachelor, and master degrees are available for students to obtain in the area of corporate finance. Training can last anywhere from two to six years depending on the students specific career goals. Coursework will vary by online program but may include the study of accounting, economics, bookkeeping, macroeconomic theory, math, and more based on the level of degree desired. Students can expect to enter into their desired career with accredited training in these areas. Possible careers can include working as government auditors, public accountants, accounting managers, and much more. With an online education students can train for a career in corporate finance at their own leisure.
Finance and Banking
Students can pursue careers in this area of the field by obtaining an accredited associate, bachelor, or master degree. Training can require students to complete two to six years of study based on their desired level of degree. Specific areas of study will vary by level of education but may consist of accounting, business math, human relations, banking instruments, communications, and much more. Possible careers for students who pursue a degree in finance and banking can include working in bank management, corporate finance, financial planning, investment banking, and much more. Students can start the career of their dreams with an online education in this field.

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